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Meámbar Premium Coffee - Direct Trade Finca Coffee from Honduras

The Birth of an Idea

The concept for Meámbar Premium Coffee was born during a visit to Honduras in 2014. It started as a family project, fueled by our passion and dedication.

A Rich History

Our connection to coffee runs deep. Growing up in the mountains of Copán in Honduras, our parents – a German mother and a Honduran father – owned a small coffee plantation. Our mother had her own special blend, roasted in a traditional clay pot, which we found incredibly delicious. However, like most farmers at the time, our father sold the harvest to the nearest cooperative, receiving minimal compensation for his hard work.

Experiencing the Coffee Industry

We have first-hand experience of the challenges faced by coffee farmers, who often receive inadequate payment for their green coffee. This has motivated us to pursue a direct trade approach, where we ensure fair compensation to producers for their efforts.

What Sets Us Apart

At Meámbar Premium Coffee, we work closely with carefully selected and reliable coffee farmers in Honduras who have fincas located at altitudes ranging from 1300 to 1600 meters, resulting in the production of only Strictly High Grown (SHG) quality green beans. We consider various factors, including altitude, Arabicavarieties, and cultivation methods, in order to ensure the highest quality in our coffee.

Transparency is Key

We place a strong emphasis on transparency in our direct trade approach. Acting as a bridge between farmers and roasters worldwide, we ensure that all necessary processes are regulated in Honduras while maintaining open communication and relationships with our partners. Our managing director, Carola Larios, who hails from Honduras, and her brother Christian Larios, based in Honduras, work closely together to oversee all aspects of the coffee production process, including import, storage, shipping, quality controls, processing, and relationship management with the farmers.

Positioned for Success: Achieve Optimal Results with Meámbar Premium Coffee

With our unique setup, we are well-positioned in both Germany and Honduras to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Carola manages operations in Germany, handling import, storage, and shipping, while her brother Christian takes care of all necessary processes in Honduras, ensuring that our coffee is sourced and processed to the highest standards.

Selective Criteria for Farmers

We are highly selective in choosing the farmers we work with. Our farmers are chosen based on strict criteria, including the altitude of their plantations, which must be between 1300 to 1600 meters. We also have high demands on soil quality, requiring organic fertilization and shadow growth. We promote biodiversity by avoiding monocultures and encouraging the presence of other flora such as avocado, banana, lemon, and orange trees, as well as diverse fauna.

Investing in Quality Measures

To maintain our high quality standards, we currently work with a limited number of farmers and have chosen not to rely on certifications that can entail high costs. Instead, we invest in our own quality measures and conduct regular on-site controls. Christian Larios, our team member who is based in Honduras, visits the coffee farms at regular intervals to ensure optimal processes and quality.

Building Strong Relationships

We believe that the chemistry and relationship between the coffee farmer and us are crucial to our success.

We prioritize building strong relationships with our farmers, fostering open communication, mutual understanding, and trust. By working closely with our farmers, we create a collaborative environment that promotes sustainable and long-term partnerships.

Meámbar Premium Coffee: Your Reliable Partner in Green Coffee

Is your roastery in need of high-quality green coffee from one of the world’s most renowned coffee regions?

Don´t let language barriers, past bad experiences, or bureaucratic hurdles hold you back. Contact us, and together we will find the perfect bean that is just waiting for you to transform it into a delicious and distinctive roast.

At Meámbar Premium Coffee, we are here to be your reliable partner in sourcing exceptional coffee. We understand the challenges of the coffee industry and are committed to providing excellent customer service and support. Join us as we work hand in hand with coffee farmers towards a shared passion for coffee enjoyment.

We look forward to partner with you!

Three Pillars

Ecology: Sustaining Coffee for Future Generations

At Meámbar Premium Coffee, we are committed to protecting and preserving coffee plantations for future generations. Healthy soil is essential for the long-term growth and success of coffee plants, and sustainability is at the heart of all our coffee-related activities.

On our carefully selected coffee plantations in the picturesque hills of Honduras, farmers practice environmentally-friendly and long-term cultivation methods. No pesticides are used, and only ecologically-compatible fertilizers are employed. The natural regeneration of the soil is prioritized.

Our coffee plants thrive in the shade of diverse flora, including orange trees, cocoa plants, banana trees, and more. This ecological diversity is not only valuable for the overall ecosystem, but it also contributes to the exceptional quality of our coffee.

As a direct trade coffee, our beans are transported directly to Germany or other countries, avoiding unnecessary intermediaries, warehouses, and transport routes. This not only reduces emissions, but it also minimizes material usage along the supply chain from Honduras to other countries.

With Meámbar Premium Coffee, you and your customers can enjoy the rich flavors of a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a clear conscience, knowing that our commitment to ecology ensures a sustainable and responsible approach to coffee production.

Economy: Empowering Coffee Farmers and Communities

At Meámbar Premium Coffee, we believe that Direct Trade is not only about securing the livelihood of coffee farmers, but also about promoting economic development in their communities. We foster personal relationships with the farmers in Honduras, relying on their local expertise to identify long-term investments that truly make a difference.

With no intermediaries involved, we have full control over fair remuneration for the farmers. We negotiate directly with them, ensuring that they are paid fairly for their coffee. Payment is based not only on the local green coffee price determined by the stock exchange and local coffee buyers, but also on the current average costs incurred by the farmer per sack.

We trade directly with the farmers, combining quality with better pay. Plantation owners are paid directly on-site for their high-quality coffee. Our close proximity to the local market allows us to closely monitor and react accordingly to ensure fair compensation for the farmers.

Experience Direct Trade at its best with Meámbar Premium Coffee, where we prioritize economic empowerment of coffee farmers and their communities through transparent and fair trade practices.

Social Activities: Making a Difference in Local Communities

At Meámbar Premium Coffee, we believe that being a strong local partner and building direct relationships with the local population are key to our success. That’s why we support the Aktion Kinderpläne e.V. campaign, which benefits the families of coffee farmers and children in the coffee-growing region of Marcala, Honduras.

Through donations, including ours, the campaign has financed the construction and renovation of village schools, providing children with more space to learn and new equipment such as chairs and blackboards. In addition, a functional school kitchen has been established, providing delicious, freshly prepared meals that fill both stomachs and hearts.

We adhere to the principle of helping people to help themselves. Parents and community members are actively involved in all measures, contributing through manual work or the provision of building materials. We believe in maintaining a contact-at-eye-level approach with everyone involved. The administration of donations is transparently handled by the Aktion Kinderpläne e.V. campaign, which regularly presents reports on the use of funds.

You too can make a difference! By purchasing our coffee or donating directly to the projects of Aktion Kinderpläne e.V., you can contribute to improving the lives of coffee farmers and children in need.

Every donation counts!